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Author Topic: Lost phone memory  (Read 5111 times)

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« on: April 06, 2011, 03:09:30 PM »

Yesterday my phone switched itself off due to low battery. When I plugged it into the charger and turned it back on it seems to have lost everything off the phone memory- contacts, ringtone/ notification tunes, internet favourites, email accounts etc.
I went into the vodafone shop today and they were useless- said if contacts were gone I probably couldn't get them back and to google the problem to look for solutions- not very helpful.
Anyway google brought me to this forum so if anyone has any ideas or solutions I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks!
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« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2011, 05:06:50 PM »

I'm afraid you'll be disappointed about the help we can give you. 
I can only guarantee that the data is lost indeed.  There's no way to recover it.  The people in the shop didn't seem to know much about it, but their guess was right. 

That being said, all kinds of data can still be recovered, but you'd need some serious equipment for that.  Only intelligence agencies and a handful of specialized firms can do that.  The latter will charge 4-digit figures and will probably take the entire phone apart to get access to the memory chip.  I don't think you want to go that route. 
Anyway, back to the subject.

Normally the phone should shut itself down when it notices that the battery is almost empty.  Apparently yours didn't do that, which would be the only logical explanation for such loss of data.  I suspect that something went wrong in the part of your OS that is responsible for monitoring the battery status and it simply ran out of battery, causing an unexpected shutdown.


However I can give 2 major suggestions to prevent such loss in the future. 

1 ) Seeing as the data is lost anyway, perform a factory reset.  That will clear out any problems with the phone's OS.  Normally I'd tell people to back up their data, but in your case that's not an option.  Don't worry about the photos and other things that you may have on the SD card, as that one is not affected by the factory reset. 

I'd suggest doing it via the buttons.  Here's how that goes.

- With the phone completely off, press and hold the "volume down" button and briefly press the "Power" button.  Don't let go of the volume button just yet.
- The phone will boot into recovery mode.  You'll see a white screen with 3 skateboarding androids.  Release the "volume down" button when you see that screen.
- Navigate to the "Clear Storage" option by using the volume buttons.  Normally that would mean pressing "volume down" once.  Once you have it highlighted, briefly press the "Power" button.
- You'll be asked if you really want to do that.  Press "Volume up" to confirm. 

The phone will now be completely cleared and will then reboot normally.  It will enter the setup, where you need to enter your gmail account, twitter account, facebook, etc. (as you did the first time you booted the phone when it was brand-new)

2 ) Enter your contacts as "Google" contacts instead of "Phone" contacts.  That way they are synced to your gmail account on a regular basis. 
If the phone then loses all data at some point (or if you lose the phone), they will still be backed up and can be synced back to the phone (or a different Android phone in the case of losing it).

There's 2 ways to do this.  Either enter them on the phone and select "Google contact" when it asks what kind of contact you want it to be (google, phone or SIM), or enter them on the PC.
To enter them on the PC, simply open Google -> select "Gmail" in the row of links at the very top -> select "Contacts" in the left column (near the top, 2nd link below the gmail logo).  There you'll find everything you need to conventiently add contacts. 
Afterwards, just let the phone sync with your gmail account and all the contacts will appear on the phone. 


Oh, there IS a third suggestion, but it's rather silly.  Keep an eye on the battery level and try to avoid such shutdowns in the future.  Charge the phone every night and keep the charger with you if you use the phone very intensively.
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« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2011, 10:29:17 AM »

Thank you very much for your help.
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